Sushi Making Kit
Easy At HomeDIYSushi
for Beginners

Sushi Making Kit - Easy At Home
DIY Sushi Maker for Beginners


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Why SushiQuik?

Quick DIY Meal

Training frame guides the perfect amount of rice.The roll cutter creates precise sliced sushi.

Restaurant Quality

Make delicious and inexpensive sushi at home.

Easy to use Kit

SushiQuik complete kits that includes everything you need to make easy and impressive sushi.

SushiQuik is dedicated to making sushi an easy and affordable home food activity for friends and family.

SushiQuik is dedicated to making sushi an easy and affordable home food activity for friends and family.


It puts the sticky stuff on the Nori!

Fantastic product. I followed the directions for the rice, watched a few videos from their web site, and I was making sushi like a pro with my first batch. The secret is in the rice, make sure to follow the directions on the box and spread it thin if you're using a lot of filling. I found their rice recipe was a bit too sweet so I cut the sugar level to 1/8th cup and it was still plenty sticky. I've also started adding about 1 tsp better than bullion to the after rice cook mix, it gives the rice a nice hint of meat without the meat.

- Twombles Jones

Become a Sushi Master

The amazing part though is the ingredients that are included in the box. Enough to prepare a meal for 12, with some left over, you will be wowed!
As noted, there is some rice in the box – Japanese-style short grain rice, to be exact. You will surely want some more of that. Some toasted seaweed for rolling your rice is also supplied in the box, as well as Japanese rice vinegar, Japanese sushi vinegar, Japanese dark soy sauce, Japanese pickled ginger, and some powdered horseradish. This kit makes everything easy! I love it!

- Dee Devon

Easy! Rice on the outside rolls!

Made sushi for the first time last night and it was awesome!!! This thing is so easy!! I was able to make rolls w rice on the outside w no problem, just added a little water to the roll mat and voila! I purchased eel sauce and made spicy mayo and put them in squirt bottles to give the platter that restaurant look. I also added black sesame seeds to the outside of one and a very inexpensive black caviar to another.

My guests and husband were all amazed!

- Beach Mom


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