Uramaki (inside-out roll)



Now that you have some knowledge on makizushi and classic rolls (see Classic Sushi roll under Sushi101 in the menu tab), it’s time to go to intermediate class and learn how to make an Uramaki or inside-out roll.  This roll is medium-sized and, like the hosomaki and futomaki, is typically cylindrical in shape.  “Ura” literally translates to inside-out, which means that the rice is the main outer layer of the roll instead of nori.


You will find this style of maki or roll in most Japanese and Japanese fusion restaurants across the country.  It’s a work of art in the form of food but, with the right tools and a little practice, learning the basics on how to make the Uramaki will be a walk in the park. 


Making the Uramaki


1.       Half or Whole

If you’re planning on making your roll with a thicker outer layer like avocado or fish meat, slice the nori sheet in half.  Take one of the halves and place it on the white mat.
On the other hand, if you’re planning on making your roll with all of the thicker ingredients as filling and an outer layer of sesame seeds or Tobiko (fish roe), use an entire sheet.


2.       Hands or Paddle

There’s no need for you to snap on the training frame if you’re only using half a sheet of nori.  With this, you have a choice of spreading the rice with the non-stick rice paddle from your kit, or (if you’re adventurous) with your hands moistened with vinegared water.
If you’re using half a sheet, snap the training frame to place and then spread the rice as you would with a classic sushi roll.


3.       Flip

This step is what makes this an Uramaki: the flip.  Flip over your nori-rice base so the nori is facing upwards instead of the rice.


4.       Fill

Now you can line up your preferred fillings along the nori.  Make sure you have an even amount of fillings across the entire roll!


5.       Roll!

Take the edge of the mat closest to you, and start to roll the base over the fillings.  Apply firm pressure to secure the roll.  Keep rolling and securing the roll until your reach the end of your nori.

(Optional) Now you can roll your Uramaki in fish roe or sesame seeds.  If you used half a sheet, now you can assemble your desired toppings on the roll, then use the white mat to secure the toppings in place.


6.       Cut

Place your finished roll on a cutting board, then place the SushiQuik cutting guide on top of the roll.  Use the empty slots in between sections to create 8 equal slices of your sushi.


If you want to learn amazing Uramaki recipes, check out Recipe on the menu tab.  Enjoy!