Unboxing SushiQuik – What to Expect When You Finally Get Your Starter Kit



In case you guys haven’t heard, the SushiQuik kit is BACK IN STOCK! *throwsconfetti*  Do you know why we’re back in stock?  It’s because of YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE OUT THERE. So, thank you. Thank you very much for making all of this possible!  More and more Starter Kits are beginning to arrive at door steps, and because we want to make sure that you guys get everything you deserve, here’s a quick peak at what to expect when you finally get your sushi making kit:


The Packaging and the Inside

Your starter kit should be inside SushiQuik branded box, inside the parcel packaging of course.  The bar code is always on the lower portion of the left side of the box.  The bottom part of the box should have a 4 step picture guide on how to make sushi with the sushi making kit.  Inside the box, the starter kit pieces should be encased neatly in a cardboard holder and plastic wrap, and there should be a separate guide on how to use your sushi making kit.

SushiQuik UnboxedSushiQuik boxSushiQuik box 2SushiQuik box 3SushiQuik insideSushiQuik inside 2 

The Rice Paddle

Okay, let’s do this piece by piece.  The rice paddle should be in the standard SushiQuik green.  It’s fun-sized which makes it the perfect for spreading rice within the training frame, but we’ll get to that later.  It’s non-stick and easy to clean, and little dotted ridges on the back portion help you with pressing down on the rice to secure it onto the nori.  No sticky rice fingers for you! 

SushiQuik Rice PaddleSushiQuik Rice Paddle 2



The Training Frame

The training frame, same as the rice paddle, also comes in the standard SushiQuik green.  If you’re  like many of us mere mortals and one of the hardest parts in making sushi for you is figuring out how much rice to put, then you’re going to love this piece.  The empty space on the training frame is your no-brainer guide on how much rice you should put and where you should spread it for the perfect roll.  The strip on one end tells you that it’s the bottom part.  When you start to make your roll, it’s also serves as a guide for how long your nori sheet should be.  Flip over your training frame and you’ll see 4 clips on the left and right sides, and three clips on the top and bottom parts.. This is so you can snap the training frame in place on the rolling mat so it doesn’t move around when you spread rice on the nori.

SushiQuik Training FrameSushiQuik Training Frame 2



The Cutting Guide (Roll Cutter)

One of the most crucial parts of making makizushi or sushi rolls is cutting it into EVEN pieces without tearing the nori you so carefully rolled. Never fear, the cutting guide (or roll cutter) is here!  Just cut through the slats and you have perfectly even makis.  Of course, just like the rice paddle and training frame, the roll cutter comes in the standard SushiQuik green.  It has 7 slats throughout the cutter which makes for 8 even pieces.  The best part is, it’s flexible enough so you can actually hold the roll in place as you cut through hosomakis or thin rolls.

SushiQuik Cutting Guide



The Stand

When you make makizushi with normal bamboo rolling mats, you usually make your rolls on a flat surface like a kitchen counter or a dining table, right?  Well, if you’re going to use this sushi making kit, you’re going to need the stand.  It comes in charcoal black with the SushiQuik logo engraved on one side.  There will be a horizontal slat on both the top and bottom part, and a “T” shaped slat in the middle.

SushiQuik Stand



The Rolling Mat and Caps

Finally, the star of the kit!  The rolling mat or the white mat has wider panels (or partitions) compared to a regular bamboo mat.  This makes the process of rolling your makizushi much easier.  If you flip over your white mat, you’ll notice a clip on the top part. Remember the slats on the stand?  To make your sushi making life easier, snap the mat’s clip into one of the top or bottom slats so it stays in place as you spread the rice onto the nori and lay your ingredients.  One more thing, the mat’s panels are also detachable!  If you need to clean them, just snap the panels apart and thrown them in the dishwasher. Easy, right?  Oh, when you want to store your sushi making kit, the caps (that, of course, come in SushiQuik green) hold the mat in place (just like in the cover photo of the box).  When they’re not holding the mat in place, you can use them as a dish for your soy sauce or other sushi sauces.

SushiQuik Rolling Mat and Caps


 And there you have it!  These are the key pieces you should have in your SushiQuik Starter Kit.  Are you excited to make your first maikizushi?  Here’s an easy guide to making a Classic Sushi Roll.  With your brand new starter kit, making it should be easy as pie!

SushiQuik Starter Kit

The best and easiest way to make sushi at home.


Have you received your SushiQuik Starter Kit yet? How are you liking it so far? Is there anything about sushi making that you’d like for us to discuss? Let us know!


Happy Rolling!

The SushiQuik Team