Unagi Sushi Recipe

Unagi Sushi
Most people get intimidated when they see the word “eel” on a recipe. If you’re one of those people, relax. Working with Unagi or freshwater eel is actually as easy as pie. If you’re not sure about eating raw eel, you can always fry, grill, or oven-bake it prior to making the roll. One thing’s for sure, the unique taste and texture of the eel (whether cooked or sashimi) will leave you wanting more. If you’re not comfortable with making inside-out rolls yet; you’re in luck. This recipe works for both classic and inside-out rolls.
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  1. 2 cups of Sushi Rice
  2. 2-3 Nori sheets
  3. 200gr Unagi (Sushi-grade freshwater eel)
  4. Cucumber
  1. Cut the cucumber and eel into long strips, just enough to spread throughout the entire roll.
  2. Place half a nori sheet onto the white mat
  3. Cover the nori with an even layer of sushi rice, using the rice paddle
  4. Line up slices of cucumber and eel on the rice. Make sure you line it up on the end closest to you.
  5. Roll your sushi with the white mat
  6. Place the cutting guide over your roll to cut in even pieces
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For an Uramaki or inside-out roll style, simply flip over the nori-rice base so you’ll be lining up the fillings on the nori instead of the rice. If you need more help figuring out how to do this inside-out style, check out our guide on making Uramaki (inside-out roll).