Temaki (手巻), literally translating to “hand roll”, is a large nori shaped like a wide ice cream cone, filled with sushi rice and meat and/or vegetable toppings. Because of the sheer size of this sushi, this is always eaten using your hands. 

What’s great about the Temaki is the fact that it’s so easy to make that, literally, anyone can make it. It’s great for those nights when you’re to tired from work or school to cook anything complicated. If you have kids at home or you’re having people over, you don’t even have to make it for them. Just  prepare the sushi rice, nori, and fillings on the table, and then let everybody help themselves. Remind everyone to eat the Temaki as soon as they’re done making it so it doesn’t get soggy! It makes for a fun activity in the dinner table and less effort on your part.


Making the Temaki

You will need: sushi rice, nori sheets in halves, vegetable and/or meat fillings of your choice


1.       Fill ‘er up

Place one of the nori halves on one hand.  Use the other hand to spread 1 cm (height) of rice on half of the nori space.  Place your desired fillings on top of the rice, where the top parts of the fillings are leaning towards the left-hand corner of the nori.


2.       Keep rolling, rolling, rolling

Bend your hand so the left corner of the nori folds on itself.  Tuck the end in and roll up the nori to make a cone shape.


3.       Stick ‘em

Take the remaining flap of the nori and dab on some wasabi or a couple of rice kernels to stick the nori to the maki; and Voila! You just made your very first Temaki.