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About: Health Scares With Sushi 

With all the talk of mercury poisoning and parasites, (to a certain extent) sushi has been getting a bad rep. People have seem to forgotten that sushi can actually be one of healthiest meals they can order or prepare. Of course, this is only if the fish as well as its other ingredients were handled and prepared properly. If you’re planning on making it at home, always refer to the packaging of your fish.  The first step is looking for a stamp or print that says “sushi safe” or “sashimi safe”. If that is not in the packaging but was presented to you, consult your supplier before consuming it raw.  More than the label, make sure that you are getting raw fish from a reputable source.  Do your research on seafood  brands and don’t skimp on quality food. 


Take note: If you’re pregnant, a part of a health-risk group, or are under the age of 6, it might be best to stick with vegetable rolls or sushi that contains cooked meat.




  • – The fish should be firm to the touch, and the flesh should bounce right back after pressing.  If a dent stays a few seconds after pressure, don’t eat it raw
  • – If it starts to smell fishy, don’t eat it.  Fresh fish should have little to no odor
  • – If you purchase your fish whole, the eyes should be clear and gills red
  • – As per FDA, freezing fish to -20°C or below for 7 days or -35°C or below for 15 hours will kill parasites.
  • – Different fish react to freezing differently.  Fatty fish will fare better than lean fish.  Lean fish tends to turn mushy after freezing

*For more fish tips, check out They have really great tips on purchasing, storing, and all things fish.



Sushi Grade Fish Online

Here are a couple of our trusted sources for the freshest, most delicious sushi grade fish


For US consumers:


Vital Choice offers a wide variety of sushi grade fish and other seafood products.  The fish and other seafood are flash frozen within hours of harvest.  Their suppliers are certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (check for the blue seal).  This tells you that the fish were harvested responsibly, and that the supplier does no harm to the ecosystems it gets its supply from.  But more than the responsible harvesting, if you check for reviews on their products, you will find mostly positive ones.  Reviews are the new word-of-mouth, trust them.  Just make sure that the reviews were made by real people.


For UK consumers


The Fish Society is an artisan online fishmonger and single source for a wide selection of sushi grade seafood.  They assure delivery across mainland UK within 24 hours, and a guarantee of a refund if you are left unsatisfied with their products.  Like Vital Choice, they also assure responsible fishing.  BBC Good Food magazine, Good Housekeeping magazine, and even consumers online have given them two thumbs up and deemed their products to be of “Exceptional Value” and “Best in the UK”.



 Do you know any other sushi grade fish provider online? Let us know in the comments!