Rainbow Roll Sushi Recipe

Rainbow Roll Sushi
The Rainbow Roll Sushi was given its name because of the pop of color from the sashimi and avocado topping the roll. If you've mastered the inside-out roll, and want to impress your family and friends with a flavor-packed roll that looks like it came straight from a sushi bar, then this sushi is for you.
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  1. 2 cups of sushi rice
  2. 2-3 nori sheets
  3. Cucumber
  4. Green Onion Shoots
  5. (in small portions)
  6. -Salmon
  7. -Tuna
  8. -Sea Bass
  9. -Ripe Avocado
  1. Slice evenly the salmon, tuna, and sea bass in a diagonal motion. Make sure that your slices are long and wide enough to coat the entire roll.
  1. Seed, peel, and then cut the cucumber into long, thin slices. Make sure that it's as long as your sushi roll for long cucumbers, or half as long as the size of your sushi roll for shorter ones.
  2. Cut a nori sheet in half (smooth side down)
  3. Place the nori on the white mat then cover with an even layer of rice using the rice paddle.
  4. Flip over the nori to make an inside-out roll.
  5. Lay the cucumber and onion shoots on the nori.
  6. Roll the sushi with the white mat, starting from the end closest to you.
  7. Arrange the salmon, tuna, and sea bass slices diagonally across the roll. Leave some space for the avocado.
  8. Peel thin slices of avocado and lay them on the spaces you left on the roll.
  9. Use the white mat to tighten the toppings on the roll.
  10. Hold gently but firmly for a few seconds.
  11. Place the cutting guide over your roll to help slice your sushi into equal pieces.
  1. If Sea Bass is not available, Red Snapper and Halibut works as well.
  2. Remember to get sushi grade fish!
  3. Enjoy!
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