Gunkan Maki



The Gunkan Maki or Gunkanmaki (軍艦巻) literally translates to “warship roll”.  That’s shaped like a tiny, edible boat.  It’s a special type of Nigiri Sushi, which tells us that it’s hand made.  It’s the perfect maki to make if you prefer oodles of the softer toppings, like Tobiko, on your sushi.

 For this recipe you will need: sushi rice, nori, your choice of Fish Roe

If you haven’t already, check out our guide on how to make The Perfect Sushi Rice, and All About Fish Roe under Sushi101 in the menu tab.


Making the Gunkan Maki


1.       Strip

Take a nori sheet and cut a long strip that’s about 4cm in in height


2.       Roll – but with your hands

With your palms, roll some rice until it’s in the shape of a cylinder.  Remember that your nori should be about a centimeter wider and twice as long as your rice cylinder.  


3.       In the middle

Place the rice in the middle portion of your nori strip, then wrap the nori around the rice.  Leave about a centimeter of space for your roe.


4.       Stick

Stick the end of your nori to the maki with water, rice grains, or wasabi.  Cut off any excess.
(Optional) If you’re not contented with the shape of your maki, you can gently press on the maki base with your thumb. Remember that the traditional Gunkanmaki is shaped like a boat.


5.       Spoon

Top your sushi with a spoonful of your choice of fish roe, and your Gunkan Maki is complete!



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