About Us

We love sushi and making sushi rolls, but realized that it wasn’t that easy after all. So we thought why not create a place where people could learn how to make sushi and have fun doing it? That’s exactly why we developed SushiQuik, an online community to learn, share and have fun making sushi. Life is all about having fun and our top priority is to make SushiQuik all about fun!

Since our goal was to make sushi rolls easy to make, we decided to start by developing a cool, fun, and easy to use sushi kit. We bought and tried other sushi makers, but they weren’t as easy or fun to use so we created the SushiQuik Roller. In addition to offering our sushi kit, we will also offer all the other ingredients you will need to make sushi at home. We want to become your #1 destination for all your sushi needs!

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One of the easiest and most reputable sushi kits and makers on the market. Find out for yourself today.